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The Big Doggie (TBD)




TheAccidentialHobbyist- New York, NY

I have never seen curves like this on any woman. She is more than just a companion..for the time you are with her, you a like a loving couple who just happen to have a very sensual side. She was like a GFE with a PSE addition at the right time. I held her close from behind and like my long lost lover, she leaned back and kissed me DFK while doing so. Saying goodbye never hurt so good. I hope to see her the rest of my days if I'm lucky..and as much as I hate to share "my Ayana", you should too. Don't waste a minute; why would you let paradise slip through your hands, even if you could hold it for only a moment.

Nicky G., -, San Francisco, CA

I have been a very satisfied client of Ayana's for several years. During that time, it seems like she defies time and has been only getting better. Trust me, she actually is even more gorgeous in person than how she appears in the videos and pictures on her site. Ayana still dazzles me from top to bottom with a voluptuous body that I can't take my eyes off, a beautiful face and a curvaceous ass that fantasies are made of. I constantly remind her how inviting she looks from every angle. When you combine all that hotness with a sweet personality and seductive voice, it makes me count the days before I get to spend time with Ayana again!

George P -, Chicago, IL

This was my first experience with a real XXX actress and it was awesome, she's is on of my all-time favorites and a dream come true.

I felt like I was in a XXX movie and I was all touchy feely with that nice "rump" I mean I couldn't keep my hands off it ;WOW!!!

A.N. - 

I loved it when we met. You were everything I dreamed of and more and someone had to pinch me to wake up out of that dream lol. We will be seeing more of each other in the future (until you find some guy or gal you want to settle down with). Until then Peace and Hair Grease, can't wait!

A. P.- San Francisco C.A.

"While I was thrilled to set up our meeting I had totally forgotten how so mind-blowing your body is, and how you handle it and keep it. Seeing you, even just standing there, was enough to ...I could watch your curves for a long time, my eyes tracing every turn like a sport scar on a road circuit track. Hope to meet again soon. I am already thinking about what it will be like...

D.T.- Washington, D.C.

I'm glad I turned around and came back. Very nice to meet you. You're very beautiful. I wish you continued success in your endeavors and good health.

D.M.- Washington, D.C.

Hi Ayana,
I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time with you today and I hope you enjoyed yourself half as much as I did!! You look absolutely amazing - keep up the great work!!

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