Hi, this is Ayana Angel inviting all my special friends to come have some fun with me LIVE online via webcam.

We can chat, laugh, play, get naked and explode all from the comforts of home.

If you want to get naughty with me live online here is what I'm going to need you to do:

1. Click on this link to go to the webcam website that I am now featured on:
2. On the top header click on "Join Free"
3. Fill out the online form and create your account.
4. Purchase some credits and remember that I'll be worth every dollar
5. Once you have your account ready go to: and log in or do a search for my name.
6. If I'm already online come join me in a private room and let's have some live interactive fun
7. If I'm not online just email me at and request the days and times that you would like for me to be online and I'll put you on my email list and send you messages when I know that I'm going to be online. This way you can have me no matter where you are


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Babydoll on Bed

Ass Worship Bikini May 2014

Hot Pink Booty August 2014

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